About Us

So, this is where we could insert the normal ho-hum textbook language and say “well hello potential awesome client, here’s exactly what you think we’re going to say about ourselves” … but you know what? Let’s just get down to it.

Why should you come to us for your employee communications? Our boutique-sized agency gives you top-notch ideas and one-on-one attention that can’t be found at large firms. Our President and Founder, Jessica Palazzo, saw an opportunity in 2008 to assist companies in communicating and educating their employees during a rough economic time. Spitfire grew from just three people in a small loft space, eating sushi on top of boxes, to now employing 11 insanely awesome gals with boatloads of energy and creativity (and tables to eat on).

Here’s what we do for you: We turn ideas into results with fresh and creative approaches to employee communications. We track and measure the work to ensure that what we are doing is effective and successful. We imagine, create, write, design, produce, distribute, and make you look like the rockstar employer that you are.

Spitfire’s unique collection of expertise delivers original, inspirational, and most importantly, factual, work that attracts, engages, and retains your employees. Every client brings new challenges, new wins, and new explorations and we’re thankful for your interest. We’re here to tackle your job with energy, a talented and inventive team, and dare we say, fiery passion.

I mean, we’re called Spitfire for a reason.